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About the Book

Three Little Ghouls and The First Day of School is a children’s book authored by Sahara Powell, Ambika Rajyagor, and Taylor Days. The story centers around Luna, the high-spirited witch in training, Lycaon, the gentle were-yeti, and Eli, the kind-hearted vampire. Together, the three students venture into the first day of the new school year and learn the power of self-esteem, friendship, and magic!

Meet the Characters


Name & Pronouns: 

Eli, short for Eliodoro, [Ee-Lye] [Ehl-li-oh-do-ro], He/Him

Ghoul Classification: 

Vampire, Adopted by 2 Ghost Parents


Name & Pronouns:

Lycaon Priam, [Lye-Con Pree-Uhm], He/Him

Ghoul Classification: 

Half Werewolf, Half Yeti


Name & Pronouns:

Luna LeBeau, [Loo-nuh], She/Her

Ghoul Classification:

Witch (in-training) 

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